Institutional Planning

Institutional Planning at Yale School of Medicine is a group of ongoing and varied efforts across a broad list of critical issues to the school.


Equity & Diversity Planning

YSM is committed to improving gender and racial diversity among our faculty and leadership, and improving equity for all.


Academic Planning

The educational objective of the School of Medicine is to develop physicians who are highly competent and compassionate practitioners of the medical arts, schooled in the current state of...

YSM Climate Committees

Yale School of Medicine seeks to pursue academic excellence in a culture that enables faculty to achieve personal and professional satisfaction, encourages and supports collaboration across...

Search Committees

Leadership and faculty searches at Yale School of Medicine go through a defined process, including establishing hiring goals for the position and the committee, determining how to include...

Ad Hoc Committees

Periodically, ad hoc committees are appointed to address a specific issue or subject at Yale School of Medicine. 

Appointments & Promotions Committees

All faculty appointments and promotions must be approved by one of two Appointments and Promotions Committees, which are composed of the dean or deputy dean of the Yale School of Medicine...

Faculty Advisory Council

The purpose of the FAC is to provide a forum for a diverse group of representatives to bring new ideas and concerns from a broad range of faculty to the Dean’s office. FAC representatives...