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Heidi J Zapata, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Heidi J Zapata, MD, PhD

Research Summary

The complex interplay between microbes and the host inflammatory response determines how individuals respond to infection and disease. This relationship is individual to each patient, and is affected by the immune dysregulation seen in older adults and HIV patients. Both aging and HIV disease (even the subset of HIV-infected elite controllers) are associated with elevated levels of cytokines, acute phase reactants, and clotting factors; the term “inflamm-aging” was coined to describe this age-associated pro-inflammatory environment. However, the source of these elevated plasma biomarkers is less well described, and may reflect innate immune dysfunction. My research interests are aimed towards understanding how the innate immune response is affected by aging and HIV-infection, and how it may contribute to the pro-inflammatory environment that is present in both older adults and HIV-infected individuals.


Research Interests

Aging; HIV; Immune System; Immunity, Innate

Selected Publications