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The rotation site in Grundy County, Tennessee is only open to Yale Global Health Scholar applicants.

Description of Institutions

  • Beersheba Springs Medical Clinic (BSMC): not-for-profit medical clinic providing primary and urgent care services for un- and underinsured patients from Grundy County and the surrounding area free of charge. There are paid staff, a full-time NP, and volunteer physicians. Medications are available through an onsite dispensary. Partnerships with local charity hospitals provide access to imaging and subspecialist services.
  • Mountain Medical Clinic (MMC): a traditional primary care clinic staffed by an NP and family medicine MD

Disease Spectrum

  • A broad range of medical issues including diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease, and musculoskeletal concerns

Clinical Responsibilities

  • Depending on attending availability, resident will either see patients independently at BSMC with teleprecepting, other with attending present in clinic
    • Resident will follow up on lab and imaging results, communicate these results to the patient and implement a care plan
    • Most medications are dispensed directly from the clinic
    • Resident will work with clinic staff to arrange for cost-conscious care
  • At MMC, resident will see patients alongside Dr. Michelle Val
  • Opportunities to participate in local health council and Rotary meetings, as well as deliver a presentation to local public schools

(Yale) Residents accepted from:

Internal Medicine

Length of Rotation

  • Minimum of six weeks for a funded Global Health Scholars program rotation (including travel from CT)
  • Minimum of four weeks for a non-funded clinical elective


  • Global Health Scholars Program Reimbursement Award amount is $2500
  • Contact the Site Director to discuss the typical costs of a non-funded clinical elective