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National University of Rwanda:

  • Central University Hospital in Kigali (CHUK) is a 509 bed hospital that is the referral center for all patients with public insurance.

Disease Spectrum

  • A broad range of medical and infectious diseases, including HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria and tropical medicine.

Clinical Responsibilities

  • Rounding with the team (with attending)
  • Admitting from ED as a team
  • Implementing team plan and following up on results
  • Performing supervised procedures
  • Call MWF 7 am - 5 pm, available to return for admissions between 5 and 10 pm
  • No weekend duties or call
  • Participation in all scheduled lectures, case-based learning sessions and bedside teaching
  • Patient-care associated educational activities (ward rounds, admitting)
  • Required to lead two case-based learning sessions (like morning report)

Residents Accepted from:

  • Internal Medicine

Length of Rotation:

  • Minimum of six weeks, including travel from the US


  • Reimbursement Award Amount is $3500
  • Language requirements: English is spoken throughout the hospitals. Other languages spoken are Kinyarwanda and French.
  • US citizens will apply for a 30 day visa upon arrival at Kigali Airport; submit application for trainee visa extension
  • Paperwork: Submission of temporary license application to Rwanda Medical Council upon arrival and invitation from hospital Director General


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