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Hallway workstation for Diva exporting

We are very pleased to announce that it is now possible to export data within Diva at a hallway workstation on the 6th floor of TAC immediately outside TAC S613. Here are some helpful answers to frequently asked questions.

How does this help me?

Sample acquisition might take longer that you expected, so when you no longer have time to tidy up tube names, etc, you can now complete those steps away from the cytometer. When time is tight, you need not compromise on your sample acquisition. This also obviates the need to reserve more time on the equipment later simply to export your data.

How does this differ from the remote server for exported files that is already in place?

The current server synchronizes with the .fcs export folder of each of the LSRII computers. This only provides access to .fcs files that have already been exported. This is only helpful for people who forgot to bring their own media storage (thumb drive/external hard drive/CD) to the cytometer.

To export experiment files within Diva away from the LSRIIs, a different system is required. Diva software on the dedicated hallway workstation computers can open only one of the LSRIIs databases and will present all of the unprocessed data just as it would appear at the original cytometer computer. Because the inflexible Diva software can only point to just one database, a separate mirrored computer and monitor is required for each of the five LSRII cytometers. To minimize the footprint in a busy hallway, they are mounted on a stand-up workstation.

How soon can I access my experiment?

The server synchronizes with the cytometer computer between 4-8 am every night. So your Diva experiments will not be available on the mirrored hallway workstations until the next morning at 8 am.