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Services and Reagents

Many lines of hands-on services by facility staff are available. Staff can operate any analytic cytometer for you to acquire data on your behalf. Staff are also available to analyze data if needed. Charges for all services are cost-recovery for staff salary and hourly cost of any instruments used.

In addition, some forms of sample processing are offered with advance notice and discussion with the facility manager. Please contact to ensure your project is appropriate and can be accommodated. Fees for these services can be found on the "Charges" webpage.

  • PBMC isolation and cryopreservation
  • Plasma or serum purification
  • Luminex assay, data acquisition & analysis (with user provided kits- charges are cost recovery for staff effort and machine usage)
  • Immunofluorescence surface or intracellular cell staining, analytic data acquisition and analysis

The Flow Cytometry Core offers advanced antibody panels with high parameters specifically created for use on BD Symphony cytometers.

The panels are appropriate for peripheral blood, splenocytes and some tumor microenvironments.

Currently we provide four panels, see below. Reagents can be purchased individually by filling out downloadable forms that includes a list of antibody specificities.

Please send your request to at least 1 day in advance of pick up.

For pick up at these times send form to by
Mon 1-2:30 Prior Friday
Wed 1-2:30 Prior Tuesday

Contact for further technical details or for general inquiries about lines of service involving sample preparation.

Please note that we are unable to provide reagents on short notice and can only provide them during limited windows of time with advance notice. Staff simply do not have flexibility in their schedules to do otherwise.