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Flow Cytometry Facility News and Resources

Several improvements to the facility are now available.

More information about the following can be found through the links on the left-hand side of this page.

  • Administration of a FlowJo site license for Yale.
  • Remote data access via Box@Yale.
  • In an effort to better support translational research, the Amistad and LEPH sorters are both equipped with 355, 407, 488, 532 and 640 laser lines and expanded PMTs for detection of BV and BUV dyes along with better detection of many red fluorescent proteins and yellow-green shifted dyes. These machines have identical filter sets making shifting between the Amistad and LEPH Arias seamless.
  • The addition of a biosafety cabinet to the Amistad Aria, allowing to sort unscreened human material and some types of BSL2 samples on a sorter other than the LEPH Aria, and 416 room renovation.
  • Amistad FACSCalibur room 105 has been renovated in order to house both a Calibur and the Amistad LSRII.