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For Analysis

The Yale Flow Cytometry Core is equipped with user-operated analyzers at three different locations: The Anlyan Center (TAC) on the 5th and 6th floors, Amistad, and 300 George Street. TAC facility houses the LSRII Green, LSRII TAC6-GS, two CytoFlex LX cytometers, a BD Symphony as well as spectral Cytek Auroa cytometer. Additionally, there is an 5-laser LSR Fortessa located in Amistad. At the 300 George Street location, Symphony B and another 5-laser LSR Fortessa are available.

TAC S613 accommodates the LSRII Green, CytoFlex LX A and B, and Symphony A, while LSRII TAC6-GS and Aurora are situated in TAC S617. LSRII Ami can be found in room TAC S533. To ensure optimal performance, the machines are checked daily. Users can sign up for analysis time on PPMS after completing the necessary training.

The Amnis Imagestream-X imaging flow cytometer (located in room S613) offers users the capability to obtain high-resolution images of numerous cells within a short timeframe. Additionally, it allows for various innovative applications such as co-localization, internalization, stem cell differentiation, and cell-cell interactions. To request training, kindly utilize PPMS. If you require guidance on recommended training, please feel free to contact Diane Trotta or Ashraf Khalil.

For cell sorting

The FACS Arias and Bigfoot are operated by trained staff and the Sony SH800 by users who have completed the necessary training.

Cells have the flexibility to be sorted into either 5 or 15 ml tubes, as well as different plates, either as individual cells or multiple cells per well. They can also be placed onto microscopic slides for further examination. Moreover, it is worth noting that all sorters, except for the SONY SH800, have the capability to perform simultaneous 4-way sorting with the Bigfoot capable of 6-way sorting. Additionally, sorters are equipped to handle the sorting of live human, primate, or other potentially biohazardous cells.