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FlowJo site license for Yale

As of September 1st of 2020, Yale School of Medicine labs that use the Flow Cytometry facility have access to a FlowJo Portal. The previous mode of licensing is being discontinued by FlowJo, thus necessitating this transition. The facility will administer this site license and send participating PIs a list of registered computers affiliated with their lab and charged monthly. More details on license seat options and information on how to register a computer can be found below, in the FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is this free?
No, this is not free! PIs will be charged monthly for all personal licenses and lab computers associated with their account. PIs will be charged regardless of when a computer is registered in that cycle. PIs have the option to disengage associated personnel at any point by contacting facility managers, but please note that changes to charges will be reflected in the subsequent month's billing. Please check with your PI to see if they are participating before requesting access to the FlowJo portal.
2. How does Yale's site license for the FlowJo Portal differ from the prior system?

As of September 1st 2020, YSM labs that use this core facility will have access to the FlowJo Portal system. Yale's site license for the new FlowJo Portal system uses an online registration system. The older online system restricted a license seat to the hardware addresses of a single computer and is no longer being offered by FlowJo. Instead, individual investigators now have the ability to use FlowJo on multiple personal devices on the same personal license seat. Please note that only v10.5 is compatible with this licensing system, however it is possible to arrange for access to earlier versions through FlowJo vendor staff. Please contact core facility staff if continued use of v9 is important for your research.

The facility will administer this site license. PIs will be charged monthly for the individuals and workstations associated with their lab account. Pricing is dependent on the total number of users that register on campus. Pricing will begin at $20/user/month.

A license "seat" can take two forms;

1. A personal license seat that entitles them to use FlowJo on up to 4 devices of their choice.

2. A workstation license seat that is tied to that computer and allows anybody to use that workstation software so long as they have a email address and have registered. Trainees who only wish to use a workstation can register a "free" account without obligating the lab to pay for their personal devices.

3. How can I sign up?

If you are a PI and wish to establish a lab account, please contact Lesley Devine who will arrange the establishment of your account and send an activation link by email.

If you are an investigator who wishes to use multiple devices and have already confirmed that your lab is participating, then please first ensure that you have downloaded v10.5 or later. Earlier versions of FlowJo are not compatible with Portal access.

1. Point your browser to this webpage: It is necessary to use your Yale domain email address during your registration.

2. Open FlowJo software and choose "Preferences" icon shaped like a heart on the upper right, and then the "License" button again on the upper right. This instructive pdf may be helpful. If your computer has been used previously using the prior HWA system, you will need to remove that serial license number located in the middle right of that tab. Otherwise, simply click the "FlowJo Portal Sign In" button at the top and enter your personal Portal account credentials. The tab will then update to indicate that the device has been authorized.

To create a computer workstation within the lab for multiple users, PIs must contact core facility staff to enable this special feature. This webpage reviews how PIs can then manage that workstation within the lab account.

4. Will the new FlowJo Portal system allow us to use version 8 or v9? We want to keep our dongles that currently only work with FlowJo v8, and register only a couple individuals within the lab

No, the site license for the FlowJo Portal requires version 10.5 and on. You can have more that one version installed at the same time if that is helpful but only v10.5 can employ the Portal registration.

Important! Version 10 is not backwards compatible. Files generated in version 10 cannot be saved in a v8 format and will not be able to be opened in v8 with dongles. Version 8 and 9 are Mac only versions that are programmed in a different language that v10. Version 9.9 will open up v8 files quite well, however v10 will not open files generated in v8 or v9 very well at all.

If you had been using the previous registration system for the site license and need to continue using v9, please contact core facility staff. It is possible to retain access to FlowJo v9 but this requires a distinct approach.

5. How can I switch the devices associated with my personal license seat?

Once you have obtained a license seat (see above), then the devices you've used to access FlowJo through the portal will become associated with your license seat. The first four hardware addresses of the devices you sign in on will be added to your list of Authorized Devices. However, you can manage your devices by signing into and selecting the Manage Devices tab.