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BD Symphony Resources

Symphony Configuration and Panel Planner

BD offers many more antibody-fluor combinations through their OptiBuild reagents. They maintain a separate inventory of antibodies and of fluors which they will conjugate on demand once you placed the order. These reagents are typically available to ship out within 72 hours after your order is received by BD. You order them using a catalog number on their website; no special process is needed. See link below for more information.

Optibuild on-demand custom reagent program

Contact for the regional reagent specialist:

Custom conjugation reagent ordering through BD

A webinar: Making Panel Design Easier in the Era of High Dimensional Flow Cytometry

A 28-color marker suggestion (to tailor down using fewer fluorophores):

Mapping leucocyte populations in mouse lymphoid tissues and blood

Optimized Multicolor Immunofluorescence Panels (OMIP) are peer-reviewed reports published in Cytometry Part A. OMIPs can reduce the development time for researchers in need of the same or highly similar panels