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BD FACSAria 300 GS-345

Location: Room 345 at 300 George Street

Contact: (203)737-7451, (203)785-2031


This FACS Aria is available for all sample types but is particularly well positioned to handle clinical human samples on same day notice if the samples are fully prepared by the investigator. Clinical samples requiring cell sorting that arise unexpectedly can be accommodated during regular working hours if the cell number is small, or after hours if the samples are larger. For this reason, all investigators should be aware that the start time of their scheduled sort on this instrument might be delayed as much as an hour. Cell sorting on this Aria should be avoided if your project requires a rigid schedule.

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Violet Laser - 405nm

PMT Band Pass Long Pass Fluorochrome
A 530/30 505LP AmCyan, V500, BV510
B 450/50
Pacific Blue, DAPI, BV421, V450

Red Laser - 633nm

PMT Bandpass Long Pass Fluorochrome
A 780/60 735 LP APC-Cy7, APC-H7, Alexa Fluor 750
B 660/20
APC, Alexa-647

Blue Laser - 488nm

PMT Bandpass Long Pass Fluorochrome
A 780/60 735 LP PE-Cy7
B 695/40 655 LP PE-Cy5.5, PerCP, PerCP-Cy5.5
C 610/20 595 LP PE-Texas Red
D 575/26 556 LP PE
E 530/30 502 LP FITC