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Symphony A and B


Contact: or call (203)785-7958

The Facility has two identically configured BD Symphonies. Each is a six laser system capable of detecting in 33 different channels. Please see the configuration below for details and view Symphony resource page. Another way of viewing the configuration is using Fluorofinder web site, a useful panel building tool listing reagents from multiple companies. You can go to and follow Tools--> Flow Cytometry Panel Builder-->> Select your Instrument (after choosing Yale and School of Medicine FACS Facility from the drop-down menu).

The Symphonies are equipped with a 561 nm Yellow-green laser; this is different from the LSRIIs and Fortessas which have 532 nm green lasers. You should expect your PE and PE-tandem dyes to appear brighter than they did before. Less antibody might be required to avoid extreme adjustments on the sensitive detectors of this model.

Some fluorescent proteins that were barely detectable with a 532 nm laser will appear significantly brighter with 561 excitation. mCherry, mKate, and mRaspberry will perform much better with this laser line.

The Facility offers remote Symphony training for experienced LSRII/Fortessa users. Whether you've trained on the instrument before the pandemic and are looking for a refresher, or you've just decided you want to start using our sensitive 6 laser cytometers, our training video will raise your confidence to use the Symphony.

Please contact for information about Symphony training.

Both Symphonys are now available 24/7 once you are an approved, trained user.

1) Symphony A in TAC S613

2) Symphony B in Suite 203B, Room 2320H at 300 George St. This cytometer shares the room with a FACSAria sorter,

UV Laser-355nm-60mW

PMT Bandpass Long Pass Fluorochrome Other Optimal Fluorochromes
A 820/60 770 BUV805
B 740/35 690 BUV737
C 660/20 635 BUV661 Hoechst red
D 610/20 600 BUV615
E 565/20 550 BUV563
F 510/50 450 BUV496
G 450/50 410 DAPI ZombieUV, L/DFix Blue, DyLight 350, Hoechst
H 379/28

Violet Laser-405nm 200mW

PMT Bandpass Long Pass Fluorochrome Other Optimal Fluorochromes
A 780/60 770 BV786 Qdot800
B 750/30 710 BV750
C 710/30 690 BV711 Qdot705, SuperBright702
D 660/40 635 BV650 eFluor650NC, eVolve655, Superbright645
E 610/20 600 BV605 Qdot605, DyLight405LS, eFluor605NC, eVolve 605
F 586/15 550 BV570 Qdot585
G 525/50 505 BV510 L/DFix Aqua, V500, Al430, DyLight405LS, VioGreen
H 474/25 450 BV480
I 440/40 410 BV421 Pacific Blue, V450, Al405, CF405M, DyLight405, eFluor450, SuperBright436, VioBlue, Zombie Violet, L/DFixViolet

Blue Laser- 488 nm 200 mW

PMT Bandpass Long Pass Fluorochrome Other Optimal Fluorochromes
A 787/42 770 BB790
B 750/30 730 BB750
C 695/20 690 BB700 PerCP-Cy5.5, BB700, PerCP-eFluor710, PerCP-Vio700
D 670/25 630 PerCP BB660
E 630/30 600 BB630
F 515/25 505 FITC GFP, Al488, CFSE, BB515, DyLight488, Zombie Green
G 488/10

Yellow Green Laser-561nm 150 mW

PMT Bandpass Long Pass Fluorochrome Other Optimal Fluorochromes
A 780/60 750 PE-Cy7 PE-Vio770
B 710/50 690 PE-Cy5.5
C 660/20 650 PE-Cy5 mPlum
D 610/20 600 PE-TxRed mCherry, PE-Dazzle, PE-CF594, PE-Vio615, PE-eFluor610, DyLight594, Zombie Red, L/DFix Red
E 586/15
PE DsRed, RFP, tdTomato

Red Laser-637nm 140 mW

PMT Bandpass Long Pass Fluorochrome Other Optimal Fluorochromes
A 780/60 750 APC-Cy7 APC-Fire, APC-Al750, APC-eFluor 780, APC-Vio770, ZombieNIR, L/DfixNIR
B 710/25 685 Al700 Al680
C 660/20 650 APC Al647, DyLight633, L/Dfix Far Red

NIR Laser - 780nm 100mW

PMT Bandpass LongPass Fluorochrome Other Optimal Fluorochromes
A 820/60 770LP Al790
B 885/40 860LP PromoFluor840
C no optics