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ThermoFisher BigFoot Cell Sorter

The BigFoot spectral cell sorters are located in TAC 533. The jet-in air sorter is encased in a Class II Biosafety Cabinet with an adjustable sash to maintain containments while allowing easy access to the nozzle and sample/sort areas, providing constant user protection. A dedicated aerosol management system (AMS), HEPA filter and software provides containment warnings and increases flow if a clog is detected.

The Bigfoot cell sorter is gentle with fragile cells and can accommodate a range of nozzle sizes (70, 100, 120 and 150um). It supports configurations with up to seven lasers (349nm, 405nm, 445nm, 488nm, 561nm, 640nm, 785nm) and 55 detectors, delivering versatility for both standard fluorescence detection and spectral unmixing.

Multiple scatter options allow simultaneous standard and small-particle detection, multi-laser scatter detection, and polarization. The BigFoot allows input positions of 1.5mL, 5mL, and 15mL tubes with automatic tube type sending and built in crash detection. Several output collection options include 6 way sorting into 1.5mL and 5mL tubes, additionally 15mL and 50mL tubes, microwell plates up to 1,536 wells. Mixed output sorting is also available (i.e. 1.5mL tubes for rare populations with 5-15mL tubes for more abundant populations).