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CytoFlex LX A and B

Both CytoFLEX analyzers are a five laser system capable of detecting in 19 different channels (please see the configuration below for details), with a slight difference: CytoFLEX A has a VSSC detector off the violet laser to allow for small particle detection, while CytoFLEX B has a BV786 detector. Otherwise both instruments have the same configuration.

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The CytoFLEXes are equipped with a 561 green laser, this is different from the Stratedigms, which they have replaced and our LSRIIs with 532 green lasers.

  • You should expect your PE and PE-tandem dyes to appear brighter than they did before. Less antibody might be required to avoid extreme adjustments on the sensitive detectors of this model.
  • Some fluorescent proteins that were barely detectable with a 532 nm laser will appear significantly brighter with 561 nm excitation. mCherry, mKate, mKatushka, and mRaspberry will perform much better with this laser line.


CytoflexLX A and B have almost the same configurations. Only one detector difference off violet laser. VSSC vs. BV786

Laser (NM) Bandpass Channel Name Additional Optimal Colors
355 405/30 BUV395
450/45 DAPI ZombieUV, L/DFix Blue, DyLight 350
740/35 BUV737
405 405/10 VSSC (CytoA only) Violet Side Scatter - used for small particle detection
450/45 PacificBlue BV421, V450, Alexa405, CF405M, DyLight405, eFluor450, SuperBright436, VioBlue, Zombie Violet, L/DFixViolet
525/40 BV510 L/DFix Aqua, V500, AF430, DyLight405LS, VioGreen, Zombie Aqua
610/20 BV605 Qdot605, DyLight405LS, eFluor605NC, eVolve605, SuperBright600
712/25 BV711 Qdot705, SuperBright702
763/43 BV786 (CytoB only) Qdot800
488 525/40 FITC GFP, Alexa488, CFSE, BB515, DyLight488, Zombie Green, L/Dfix Green
610/20 B610-ECD all current available fluors for this channel are best excited by the 561 laser
690/50 PerCP PerCP-Cy5.5, BB700, PerCP-eFluor710, PerCP-Vio700
561 584/42 PE dsRed, RFP
610/20 PE-TexasRed mCherry, PE-Dazzle, PE-CF594, PE-Vio615, PE-eFluor610, DyLight594, Zombie Red, L/Dfix Red
675/30 PE-Cy5 mPlum
710/50 PE-Cy5.5
763/43 PE-Cy7 PE-Vio770
638 660/10 APC AF647, Dylight633, L/Dfix Far Red
712/25 AL680 Alexa700
763/43 APC-Cy7 APC-Fire750, APC-Alexa750, APC-eFluor780, APC-Vio770, Zombie NIR, L/Dfix NIR
* L/Dfix = Live/Dead Fixable