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Current user fees

Current user fees as of July 1st 2022

Analyzer fees

Mid-tier (CytoFlex LX, LSRII, Fortessa, Amnis) $47/hr
Hi-tier (Symphony) $52/hr
Mid-tier analyzer training $35/hr session
Staff operation of analyzer and/or data analysis (staff effort only; instrument charge may apply) $73/hr
Luminex (independent operator) $68/plate
FlowJo site license seat ($20 - $30 dependent on subscriber #) currently $19/seat/month

Cell sorting

Operator Assisted Cell Sorting $127.00
Self Sorting (including Sony)

Other Services

Luminex (core facility staff run assay, user provides the kit) $490
PBMC isolation and cryopreservation (for up to 20ml blood) $95
Serum/Plasma Purification $52
Cell Surface Staining (cost per sample) $200
Intracellular Staining (cost per sample) $260