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5 Laser Cytek Aurora

The Flow Cytometry Core Facility has a Cytek Aurora Cytometer available for use in TAC S617A. The Cytek Aurora leverages full spectrum technology to provide unprecedented flexibility, enabling the use of a wide array of new fluorochrome combinations without reconfiguring the system for each application. The Aurora delivers high-resolution data at the single-cell level to resolve the most challenging cell populations, such as cells with high autofluorescence or low levels of expression of key biomarkers, regardless of assay complexity.

  • High sensitivity Spectral Flow Cytometer
  • 5 lasers, 64 fluorophore detectors, 3 light scatter detectors
    • 355nm, 20mW (16 channels)
    • 405nm, 100mW (16 channels)
    • 488nm, 50mW (14 channels)
    • 561nm, 50mW (10 channels)
    • 640nm, 80mW (8 channels)
  • Detects a wide variety of fluorescent antibodies/dyes/proteins
  • Copes with autofluorescence with the autofluorescence extraction feature
  • Automated sample loader for 40 standard FACS tubes or a variety of plates
  • Volumetric counter allows for cell count