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  • Will COVID-19 Make Seasonal Affective Disorder Worse?

    “I’m quite worried about how this winter will be for people who experience SAD. Most are already nervous about COVID-19. They will be indoors, and they won’t be exposed to the same amount of bright light,” says Paul Desan, MD, PhD, director of the Psychiatric Consultation Service at Yale New Haven Hospital.

    Source: Yale Medicine
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  • Recovery from Past Suicide Attempts: Correlates of Time Since the Last Attempt in a National Sample of U.S. Adults

    Tanner Bommersbach, MD, MPH, a third-year resident in the Yale Department of Psychiatry, and Robert Rosenheck, MD, Professor of Psychiatry and of Health Policy, are the first and senior authors, respectively, of a paper in Journal of Affective Disorders that examines recovery from suicide attempts by studying individuals with prior suicide attempts and identifying correlates of time since the last attempt.

    Source: Journal of Affective Disorders
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  • Who is AZA in your own words?

    AZA Allsop, MD, PhD, is a First-Year Resident in the Department of Psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine. He is also a music artist with a burgeoning career, and co-founder of Renaissance Entertainment LLC, a company that operates at the intersection of art, science, and community building to drive culture.

    Source: Muzique Magazine
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