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Finance & Administration

June 23, 2022

Finance & Administration

Mark A. Holter, CMPE, CPA, Vice Chair, Finance & Administration


The Department of Internal Medicine includes 782 faculty, 283 postdoctoral fellows/associates, 53 post-graduates, 232 residents, and 402 staff. The department has a total operating budget of over $340 million, which has increased significantly over the past several years.

The clinical track continues to grow as a result of the department’s partnership with Yale New Haven Health. The clinical practice represents approximately half of the department’s operating revenue. Work RVUs increased to over 1 million units this past fiscal year.

According to the Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research, the department continues to rank in the top 10 for research funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), with over $136 million provided by the organization. Traditionally, most of the department’s research funding comes from the NIH, but during 2021, industry funding increased significantly, along with an increase in funds from charitable foundations. On an annual basis, clinicians, researchers, and educators across the department submit between 800 and 900 new proposals. The department generated $142 million in sponsored awards. Our pre- and post-award teams have done a tremendous job staying on top of this volume and providing support to our faculty.


The 402 department staff consists of 249 managerial & professional and 153 clerical & technical employees. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the staff maintained a virtual working environment until the summer of 2021, when they began to return to New Haven for hybrid work.

Under Holter's direction, the central department organizational unit underwent restructuring to create new associate director-level positions. The new roles and promotions are as follows:

  • Julie Jennings: Associate Director, Research & Compliance
  • Jennifer Lacerda: Associate Director, Clinical Affairs
  • Stephanie Santore: Associate Director, Academic & Administrative Affairs
  • Joseph Velasco: Associate Director, Finance

In April 2021, the department’s business office relocated into a new office suite at 100 Church Street South in New Haven. Santore led the massive move into the technically advanced workplace. All department-level staff are now under one roof to maximize collaboration.

Administration Workplace Survey Committee

At the university level, the Workplace Survey is administered every few years to gain an understanding of the current level of staff well-being and satisfaction, and to identify areas of room for improvement and continued growth. The results of the survey are then broken down by unit hierarchy in order to gain an understanding of where those areas may vary at the university, school, department, and section levels. The Administration Workplace Survey Committee, based out of the internal medicine business office, reviews the results, identifies areas for improvement; and gathers additional input from staff to best determine next steps.

The group had to adopt new tactics due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. They conducted their own survey to reassess the well-being and concerns of the business office staff during the pandemic, and then revised their actions based on those results. They brought feedback to the office leadership to address concerns around return to campus work.

In the fall of 2021, the team started an office community library, a place for colleagues to borrow or donate books and start conversations, in addition to adding three new members to the committee. Most recently, a fundraiser was held for the Columbus House in New Haven, an organization that provides welcome kits for families to help them get started in new homes.


The department communications team, Julie Parry and Amy Anderson, handled department communications surrounding COVID-19 throughout the fall of 2020 into the spring of 2021, in addition to producing three newsletters and managing three social media accounts. In December 2020, the team added Jane Dee from the Department of Radiology & Biomedical Imaging. With the addition of Dee, along with the contributions of Elisabeth Reitman, cardiovascular medicine specialist, this team produces a total of 10 publications for both internal and external audiences, along with this report.

Department of Internal Medicine Service Excellence Awards

In April 2021, the department presented its Department of Internal Medicine Service Excellence awards. Mary Geda, associate director, Claude D. Pepper Center/Program on Aging; and Alyssa Carboni, post-award research manager, were given the honor. Work is also underway to continue to highlight the contributions of staff across the department.


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Submitted by Julie Parry on June 23, 2022