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Career Paths of Graduates

Graduates of the Yale Internal Medicine Traditional Residency Program pursue a wide range of professional opportunities ranging from clinical practice to academic medicine, policy and industry. Approximately eighty to ninety percent of our residents match for fellowship and of those approximately 50% match for fellowship at Yale. At Yale we offer uniformly superb, highly competitive fellowship with NIH-funded training grants in all subspecialties.

Our residents receive guidance during career planning from the program director, associate program directors, and self-identified mentors. We also have developed a website which provides comprehensive information on a range of career planning issues, including creating a CV/resume, interviewing, finding the right job or fellowship, and contract negotiation. Called "Beyond Residency", this site compiles existing helpful resources from professional organizations and journals as well as personal advice from Yale Internal Medicine Residency graduates who share their experiences and guidance for succeeding during the process. For our current residents who would like to access “Beyond Residency,” please log-in via the Beyond Residency website.

Program alumni unanimously considered themselves “as well prepared or better prepared” than their colleagues for the positions they had accepted.

Fellowship Match Results 2022

Name Specialty Match
Legakis, Luke A&I Yale
Akhlaghi, Narges Cardiology NYU
Cruz, Sofia Cardiology Brigham and Women's
Fuery, Michael Cardiology Yale
Hanna, Jonathan Cardiology Duke
Jiang, Nona Cardiology Columbia
Khan, Ali Cardiology Yale
Mankbadi, Michael Cardiology U Mass
Natov, Peter Cardiology Tufts
Shah, Tayyab Cardiology University of Pennsylvania
Shen, Miles Cardiology Yale
Sheppard, John Cardiology Cedars Sinai
Thangaraj, Phyllis* Cardiology Yale
Wang, Peter Cardiology Dartmouth
Zaidi, Danish Cardiology University of Pennsylvania
Thomas, Alex Critical Care Yale
MacLeod, Ryan* Endocrinology Yale
Glerum, Kimberly Geriatrics Yale
Damianos, John GI Mayo Clinic
Diaz, Maria GI Beth Israel-Deaconess
Dimopoulos, Christina GI Stanford
Gromisch, Christopher* GI Yale
Heymann, Gabriel GI Yale-Bridgeport
Ilagan-Ying, Ysabel GI Yale
Krishnan, Swathi GI Yale
Levine, Louis GI Yale
Magier, Samantha GI Brigham and Women's
Petrov, Jessica GI Mayo-Jacksonville
Sharma, Shreyak GI Yale
Zakko, Alan GI NYP Brooklyn Methodist
Allen, Cecily Hematology Johns Hopkins
Bhatt, Sunil Heme-Onc Columbia
Breuer, Gregory* Heme-Onc Yale
Dizman, Nazli Heme-Onc MD Anderson
Gordon, Caroline Heme-Onc U Mass
Heskel, Marina Heme-Onc UCSF
Leveille, Etienne* Heme-Onc Yale
Madeeva, Dasha Heme-Onc University of Pennsylvania
Tijaro, Natalia Heme-Onc Memorial Sloan Kettering
Freeman, Natasha Nephrology Columbia
Qian, Anna Nephrology Yale
Soliman, Ann Palliative Medicine University of Pennsylvania
Astafiev, Steven PCCM NYU
Banerdt, Justin PCCM Vanderbilt
Heard, Alex PCCM Stanford
Ortiz, Alex PCCM University of Pennsylvania
Gupta, Akash Rheumatology University of Pennsylvania

Post Graduate Positions of Alumni