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Yiqiang Cai, PhD, MD

Associate Research Scientist (Nephrology)

Contact Information

Yiqiang Cai, PhD, MD

Extensive Research Description

My current research is focused on the study of molecular basis of ADPKD pathogenesis. By establishing cell-based model and BAC-transgenic mouse model, we are trying to answer the following questions: 1) How are polycystin-1 and polycystin-2 trafficking to cilia regulated; 2) What is the consequence that trafficking defect of the polycystins cause in the cystogenesis/PKD pathogenesis; 3) What is the molecular basis underlying the mutations of PKD1 and PKD2 genes, 4) How is the polycystin-2 phosphorylation regulated, and 5) What is the role that regulation of polycystin-2 phosphorylation plays on the PKD pathogenesis.


Research Interests

Congenital, Hereditary, and Neonatal Diseases and Abnormalities; Diseases

Selected Publications