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Manisha Juthani, MD

Professor of Medicine (Infectious Diseases); Professor, Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases

Research Summary

Dr. Juthani is primarily interested in infectious diseases in the aging population. Specifically, she is investigating diagnostic, management, and prevention strategies for urinary tract infections and pneumonia in nursing home residents. Her current research focus has shifted to optimizing antimicrobial use at the end of life including cancer patient care.

Specialized Terms: Infectious diseases in the aging population; palliative care; antibiotics at the end of life; readmissions pall

Extensive Research Description

Dr. Juthani has focused her investigative efforts on improving the diagnosis, management, and prevention of infections in older adults. Her federally funded research program has conducted studies on improving the diagnosis and management of UTI in nursing home residents. She was the Principal Investigator for a clinical trial of cranberry capsules vs placebo for the reduction of UTI in nursing home women published in JAMA. In addition, she was an investigator on a cluster randomized controlled trial to prevent pneumonia in nursing home elders. These avenues of investigation have led to her current interests in the role of antimicrobial therapy at the end of life. Her overlying research interests include hospital epidemiology, hospital acquired infections, and multi drug resistant organisms.

Additionally, this research experience has led her to a new avenue of investigation regarding the use of antibiotics with cancer patients at the end of life. Her long-term cancer goals include: 1) to have patient preferences regarding use of antibiotics addressed early on and sequentially in the trajectory of a cancer patient’s care; 2) to develop a symptom guided algorithm towards the judicious use of antimicrobial agents at the end of life; 3) to reduce hospital readmissions for infections in cancer patients where the goal of care is primarily comfort.


Research Interests

Aging; Nursing Homes; Palliative Care; Pneumonia; Urinary Tract Infections; Infectious Disease Medicine

Selected Publications