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Benjamin Goldman-Israelow, MD/PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine (Infectious Diseases)

Contact Information

Benjamin Goldman-Israelow, MD/PhD

Mailing Address

  • Yale Medicine

    300 George Street

    New Haven, Connecticut 06511

    United States

Research Summary

Our lab is focused on understanding the development of mucosal immune memory to emerging and endemic respiratory pathogens. Working through the lenses of natural infection and vaccination, the Israelow lab aims to identify signals that control mucosal memory immune responses to better understand the mucosal correlates of protection and transmission of these pandemic-associated pathogens. Our long-term goal is to leverage this research to develop the next generation of mucosal vaccines and therapeutics to combat current and future pandemics respiratory pathogens.

Current reasearch projects/interests

1) Defining the roles of innate immune signals within the respiratory mucosa which direct systemic and tissue-resident memory immune responses.

2) Harnessing systemic immunity to direct mucosal immunity to the respiratory tract.

3) Determining the immune correlates of SARS-CoV-2 and related coronavirus transmission.

4) Development of pan-coronavirus mucosal vaccine.

5) Development of mucosal vaccines against pathogenic respiratory viruses and other respiratory pathogens.


Research Interests

Immunity, Cellular; Immunity, Innate; Infections; Vaccines; Vaccines, Attenuated; Vaccines, Synthetic; Viral Vaccines; Virology; Virus Diseases; Zoonoses; Immunity, Mucosal; Communicable Diseases, Emerging; Infectious Disease Medicine; Adaptive Immunity; Immunity, Humoral; Pandemics; Vaccine-Preventable Diseases; Vector Borne Diseases; SARS-CoV-2

Selected Publications