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Michal Marczyk, PhD

Assistant Professor Adjunct

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Michal Marczyk, PhD

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Michal Marczyk defended his PhD in biocybernetics and biomedical engineering in 2013 (Silesian University of Technology). His area of research interests focuses on bioinformatics and exploratory analysis of biological and medical data in cancer research. As part of his doctoral thesis, he created tools for analysis of DNA microarrays and MALDI-ToF mass spectra. Then he worked on new techniques for processing, detection and modeling of protein spots on 2D electrophoresis gels, and he was involved in the analysis of clinical data of patients with various cancers in terms of seeking disease biomarkers or negative effects of therapy. Currently, he is working on the analysis of data from sequencing of human genome (ATAC-seq, Bisulfite seq., whole genome seq.) and transcriptome (RNA-seq, single-cell RNA-seq) in translational research in oncology to search for drug candidates and improve cancer therapies.

Michal Marczyk is a co-author of 21 papers published in impact factor journals, 17 publications in other journals and over 60 conference abstracts mainly on international meetings. Michal Marczyk is currently receiving a scholarship from the Minister of Science and Higher Education of Poland for outstanding young scientists. He was also awarded the DoktoRIS scholarship from the program for an innovative Silesia co-financed by the EU. During doctoral studies he received a scholarship for the best PhD students.

Education & Training

  • Assistant Professor
    Slesian University of Technology (2017)
  • Research Assistant
    Silesian University of Technology (2014)
  • Young specialist in biostatistics
    Medical University of Gdansk (2013)
  • PhD
    Silesian University of Technology (2013)
  • MSc
    Silesian University of Techology (2008)

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