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Meiling Zhu

Research Associate Internal Medicine Endocrinology

Contact Information

Meiling Zhu


Meiling Zhu joined the Insogna lab in 2003. She is a senior member of the lab who has a major role in educating trainees. Her work focuses on characterizing mice with selective deletion of Rac1 and Rac2 mature osteoclasts as well as the mice in which the CSF1 receptor, c-fms, has been selectively deleted in osteoclasts. She is also interested in understanding the mechanisms by which Wnt signaling affects mesenchymal stem cells lineage in bone. She has her hands in many other lab projects, in which she acts as a collaborator or consultant. She is a native of Szechuan Province, is an excellent cook. Before coming to the United States she was a nursing school teacher.

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