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Marisol Foumakoye

Research Assistant 1, HSS

Contact Information

Marisol Foumakoye


Marisol is a research assistant for the RadXUP grant at the SEICHE Center for Health and Justice at the Yale School of Medicine. She is also a research coordinator for PERHL- Personal health libraries for formerly incarcerated individuals whose goal is to develop an app that is easy to use and helps store and organize information, especially focused on the experiences of previously incarcerated individuals returning home and their health and non-health-related needs – creating a personal health library on their phone. Marisol's current research focuses on understanding the ethical concerns regarding various COVID-19 testing and vaccinations strategies within prisons and jails and historical contexts to pandemic within carceral settings. In the past, Marisol has worked with incarcerated populations with substance use disorders and HIV/AIDS, and conducted qualitative research on sexual transmitted diseases, and other marginalized populations (those with autism). Marisol is motivated to this work because she loves to help change the lives of people who never imagined they could get another chance and to learn new developments in research an ways she can contribute to the solution of dismantling systems meant to destroy communities. Marisol has a BA and MA in Psychology from Southern Connecticut State University.

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