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Arian A Schulze

Project Specialist; Director of Communications, Equity Research and Innovation Center (ERIC); Director of Methods and Consulting Core, ERIC; Senior Qualitative Data Analyst, PreDict; Lead Developer of Virtual Curriculum, ECHORN; Research Associate, General Internal Medicine

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Arian A Schulze


Arian Schulze is the Director of Communications for the Equity Research and Innovation Center (ERIC). She also serves as the Director of Methods and Consulting core of ERIC where she offers methods consultations and guidance to students, fellows, junior faculty, and researchers working on mixed methods research projects. She works on several NIH funded projects under Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith. She is the Lead Developer of the Virtual Curriculum for the Eastern Caribbean Heath Outcomes Research Network (ECHORN) project and the Senior Qualitative Data Analyst for the Patient Reported Experiences of Discrimination Tool (PreDict) project. Arian Schulze has a BA from UC Berkeley, an MPhil from Yale University, and is finishing her PhD at Yale University in anthropology where her research examines the cross-cutting roles of culture, heritage, and gender in the relationship between sustainable development and state-making. Her other areas of interest focus on policy implications stemming from the intersection of environment, health, and culture for micro-minorities.

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