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Argyrios Tzouvelekis, MD, PhD

Associate Professor Adjunct of Medicine (Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine)

Contact Information

Argyrios Tzouvelekis, MD, PhD



Dr. Argyrios Tzouvelekis’s research focus is the mechanisms of pulmonary fibrosis, centering on the identification of prognostic biomarkers and the delineation of novel therapeutic targets, using advanced methodological tools, including microarray and miRNA platforms, nCounter (Nanostring) technology and animal models of lung fibrosis (ie bleomycin-induced). Dr. Tzouvelekis’s specialties are focused on the implementation of pioneering research technologies, such as microarrays, as well as the application of novel therapeutic interventions including stem cells. His main areas of expertise are Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and Interstitial Lung Diseases. He currently enumerates 72 publications (67 in PubMed) in peer-reviewed scientific journals (with an overall of 1018 citations and a total H-index=19), more than 60 presentations and lectures in national and international conferences and 20 grants and honors, including European Respiratory Society a) Long Term Fellowship and b) Young Scientist Sponsorship and c) American Lung Association Senior Research Training Fellowship, d) an ERS/Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Research Fellowship.Dr Tzouvelekis is also the inventor of a therapeutic patent entitled “Inhaled or aerosolized delivery of thyroid hormone to the lung as a novel therapeutic agent in fibrotic lung diseases” OCR#6368 (the “Invention”), disclosed to Yale University. His research interests mainly focus on understanding the role of phosphatases and thyroid hormone signaling in the pathogenesis of lung fibrosis. He was trained in major aspects of translational medicine, including genomics and proteomics, as well as in molecular and cellular fibroblast biology.

Education & Training

  • MS
  • PhD
  • MD
    University of Crete (2003)

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