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Why Yale 2023 Edition

October 08, 2023
by Mark David Siegel

Hi everyone:

Greetings from South Hero Island, VT, where Heide and I are celebrating our 36th wedding anniversary with our oldest daughter, Gabrielle, in tow. We spent yesterday in Montréal, enjoying lunch at Leméac, cocktails at Big in Japan-Bar, and dinner at Hoogan et Beaufort. This morning we’re doing brunch at Juniper Bar & Restaurant in Burlington, and tonight we’re dining at Pizzeria Verità, one of the rare places, IMHO, that can compete with New Haven pizza. (This is what happens when you marry a chef).

I’m still wading through residency applications, so I’ll be spending a few hours this afternoon making interview decisions. This is the most challenging year we’ve had. Beyond the extraordinary numbers—well over 4000 categorical applications—the pool is spectacular. Everyone we interview will have their choice of residencies, so the challenge will be to show them why they should choose Yale.

Many reasons are self-evident. Our clinical and research training is superb, and our graduates consistently secure exceptional fellowships and jobs. New Haven is a wonderful place to live and learn. Our faculty are world-class, and our residents see a diverse population of patients seeking care from all over southern New England.

Our residents are our biggest selling point- as good as any, nicer than most. From now until the rank lists are certified in late February, applicants will be meeting you in multiple forums. The resident-run Welcoming Committee will be hosting webinars and open houses, fielding questions from applicants. Many or most of you will join pre-interview dinners and be communicating with students from your schools.

Interviews begin in just 19 days. In next Sunday’s Program Director’s Note, I hope to answer the question “why Yale?” Tell me: Why did you choose Yale? What should we highlight about our program and community? Why should these amazing applicants choose us? Let me know by next Friday so I can include your answer on my list.

Take care and enjoy your Sunday, everyone,


P.S. This morning, our hearts go out to the victims of war in Israel and Palestine. As physicians, we know that there are no winners or losers in war. There is only suffering.


Submitted by Mark David Siegel on October 08, 2023