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What's the Deal with MedHub?

September 12, 2021
by Mark David Siegel

Hi everyone,

Some of you got reminders from me last week, nudging you to submit your MedHub reports. While most of you submit your reports on time, not all of you do. Regardless, you all deserve to know why they’re important. In other words, what’s the deal with MedHub?

Let’s start with duty hour reports: we need these reports to know if we’re complying with ACGME rules- fewer than 80 hours worked per week and at least one day off per week on average, at least 8 hours off between shifts, and no shifts longer than 28 hours. Sometimes, you can’t help exceeding these limits, for example, when patients are crashing and you stay to help. Sometimes, you may have a week without a day off, but your schedules are designed to ensure lighter adjacent weeks so you have at least one day off on average. But no system is perfect, including ours, and we need your reports to make improvements. For example, duty hour reports helped us decrease caps in the MICU, add residents to the oncology team, create a night team on Fitkin, and hire APPs in the CICU. But we can only fix problems we know about, so please log your hours every week, and if you exceed a limit, explain the situation so we can tweak whatever needs tweaking.

Now, let’s turn to performance evaluations: your peer evaluations tell us if residents are progressing on schedule, which is how we know if they’re ready for promotion or graduation and, after that, that they’re ready to sit for the boards, obtain a license, and qualified to work independently. Your evaluations help peers become better physicians: which skills to work on, what they should read, and how they can become better communicators, teachers, and teammates. Finally, your evaluations supply me with accolades to use in letters of recommendation.

A closing comment: most of you submit your MedHub reports promptly and reliably, and for that, we thank you. But some of you need reminders, and going forward, I hope we can count on you to get them in without waiting to hear from me. For all of you, attendings as well as residents, please know your reports are essential: they ensure reasonable work hours and help trainees become the best physicians they can be.

So, that’s the deal with MedHub.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone. I’m finishing a weekend in the MICU and will be starting Fitkin tomorrow morning.

Take care,


Mark D. Siegel, MD, FCCP, FACP

Professor of Internal Medicine

Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine

Yale School of Medicine

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Traditional Internal Medicine Residency

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Submitted by Mark David Siegel on September 12, 2021