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The Feedback Series

September 04, 2022
by Mark David Siegel

Hi everyone:

Here’s a short note for a long weekend:

We claim to love feedback. We acknowledge its value and uphold its principles. But when it comes to giving and receiving feedback, we underperform.

There are many reasons for this. Too often, we conflate constructive feedback with value judgment. We fear hurting relationships and destroying confidence. Many lack the skills to deliver it well. We aspire to giving clear, actionable feedback but offer empty encouragement and bland generalities instead.

The time has come to embrace feedback. Over the next several weeks, I will devote a series of Program Director’s Notes to exploring feedback, describing its forms, and sharing tips to make it useful and effective.

Feedback is essential to our professional growth. Let’s hone our skills and grow together.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone. I’m spending this Labor Day weekend with the MICU Blue team, and it’s time for me to hit the trail and pedal down to work.

Happy Labor Day to all,


Submitted by Mark David Siegel on September 04, 2022