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Thank you, Chiefs 2022-23

May 28, 2023

Hi everyone:

I was never a Chief Resident, and it wasn’t until I became a PD that I appreciated the scope of their work. Everyone knows Chiefs create schedules, lead Report, present at Grand Rounds, manage the backup pool, attend on the floors, and precept in clinic, but that’s just what you can see.

Behind the scenes, the Chiefs advocate for education time, coach struggling learners; and support trainees experiencing stress. Chiefs tell me when my ideas need revision, rehabilitation, or rejection. And if an idea has promise, they give it life.

Chiefs work relentlessly. Late Friday night, Ann called me because the jeopardy pool had abruptly evaporated. Entering the holiday weekend, a slew of residents developed COVID-like symptoms and, despite rumors that the pandemic has “ended,” we needed to arrange testing and create an emergency backup staffing plan.

With residency graduation approaching, let’s thank the 2022-23 Chiefs for a spectacular year. Alex, Christina, Ann, Sofia, Raksha, Sam, Lisa, and Mike: Thank you for your leadership and courage. Thank you for reviving retreats and M&Ms. Thank you for the code simulations, for finding ball coverage, for the nonstop teaching, and for helping our residents shine. Thank you for ensuring we honored our ideals by nurturing inclusion and respect. Most especially, thank you for the work that few see, though this work is arguably the most essential. You are leaving our residency better than you found it, and your legacy will sustain us for years to come.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone. This afternoon, we’re having a huge party in our backyard to celebrate Francesca’s high school graduation.


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Submitted by Mark David Siegel on May 29, 2023