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Notes on 60

March 11, 2023
by Mark David Siegel

Reflections on my birthday

Hi everyone:

Tomorrow I turn 60, which is a privilege. As a physician, I’ve seen too much sadness to take birthdays for granted or overlook lessons learned after six decades on Earth.

Too many of us waste time pursuing fortune, praise, and other fleeting rewards. It’s far better to nurture relationships, which is why I cherish spending time with Heide and the girls, the rest of my family, friends, patients, colleagues, and trainees.

My happiness depends on the support of others, and whatever meaning I glean from life depends on giving back.

It’s a blessing to share these precious days with you. Thank you for helping me learn this foundational lesson.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone. We’re ending this birthday weekend with brunch, a trip to The Cloisters, and dinner in The Bronx before heading home tonight,


P.S. What I’ve read:

P.P.S. Match Day is Friday!

P.P.P.S.- Pictures from Friday’s Ball (Courtesy of Dr. Cindy McNamara). Send more!

Submitted by Mark David Siegel on March 12, 2023