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Match #15

March 10, 2024
by Mark David Siegel

Hi everyone,

My first residency match was 36 years ago. Back then, the results arrived in envelopes, which Columbia arranged on the stage of our main lecture hall. One by one, the dean called our names, and we marched forward—hearts pounding, hands trembling—to learn our fate. An instant later, we knew: Heide and I were headed to Philadelphia.

Four years later, in a more private Match, I opened an envelope revealing that we were coming to New Haven, where I became a fellow, a faculty member, a homeowner, and a dad to three girls.

In March 2012, I returned to the Match as a new Program Director. Instead of opening an envelope, I clicked on a link to see the names of my first intern class. Every March since, the nervous anticipation returns, followed by relief and happiness.

This week marks my 15th Match, which for Program Directors arrives in an email on Thursday at 2PM. Once we get the results, Brett Marks will prepare the lists for Friday’s public announcement. Brett will also compile phone numbers for the rising Chiefs, so they can personally welcome the new interns into our residency family.

Thankfully, I’ll be spending this week in the MICU, so I can think about anything besides the Match.*

Good luck to students and programs everywhere! And now I’m off to join my amazing MICU team—Shobana, Eman, and Kenny—for a 12-hour admitting day. Tonight, I’ll be eating Heide’s incredible jambalaya as we settle in for the Academy Awards.


*I can be obsessive.

P.S. What I’m reading:


Submitted by Mark David Siegel on March 10, 2024