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Holiday Gifts

December 24, 2022
by Mark David Siegel

Hi everyone,

COVID isolation gives you time to think. Except for brief forays around the neighborhood, I’ve been bedroom-bound for most of the past two-and-a-half weeks, shifting from bed to card table and back. I’ve learned there’s only so much Seinfeld to watch and only so much reading to do. But there’s time to think.

2022 was hard. The year is ending with a tripledemic of respiratory viruses. The hospital is inundated, pushing staff to its limits. Violence frays the fabric of humanity in Ukraine, Iran, and so many places.

We wish the world were healthier and more peaceful, but gifts have a way of rising from despair. Vaccines, antiviral agents, and natural immunity are making COVID less deadly. Universal vaccines may soon offer lasting immunity. The courage and determination of people fighting for freedom tell us liberty will prevail.

Here in New Haven, I’m inspired by colleagues who have risen to address an unprecedented patient load. Their dedication is uncompromising. Similar threats would cause lesser institutions to unravel, but our community has stepped up, collaborated, and stretched itself with uncommon skill and grace.

At this dark time of the year, these gifts remind us that brighter days are coming.

I wish you all warmth, peace, friendship, health, and love on this holiday morning, and a special thanks to everyone working in the hospital. I’ll be on jeopardy this week, so I may be seeing you!


PS: It’s time for our annual international Happy New Year’s Program Director Note. How does your family say “Happy New Year?” Please send me an email with your non-English “Happy New Year” by Friday, December 30 to be included in next Sunday’s Note.

PPS: Gift #1- Let’s Go Mets!

PPPS: Gift #2- I’m free!

Submitted by Mark David Siegel on December 25, 2022