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Help Wanted

October 13, 2019
by Mark David Siegel

Hi everyone,

It’s a super busy weekend. I’m on call in the MICU and in the brief time left in the evening, I’m wading through residency applications. But that’s okay- it’s for a good cause.

This morning before racing off to rounds, I’m posting this brief “help wanted” ad:

This year’s residency candidates are incredible (like last year and the year before that, etc). Their accomplishments make my head spin. We have many more qualified applicants than we can invite right now. Interviews begin a week from Tuesday and our job is to show the applicants what a phenomenal experience awaits them at Yale if they join us.

You know we have fantastic clinical experiences, teaching, and research opportunities. We have an enviable fellowship match and exciting job opportunities when residents graduate. We proclaim a proud mission, dedicated to intellectual rigor, discovery, and social justice. We are proudly idealistic. In short, there are countless reasons for applicants who share our values to join us in New Haven.

The best advertising by far is our incomparable housestaff. You embody our ideals, and the most important thing we can do in the coming days is to connect the applicants with you. So here’s where we need your help.

  1. Sign up for pre-interview dinners
  2. Come to morning report (as always if you’re on the East Pavilion, but also if you’re on elective or jeopardy and if you can break away from other services)
  3. Give tours
  4. Host visitors in your homes/apartments
  5. Reach out to students from your medical schools and anyone else you know (I’ll send out applicant lists each week)
  6. Come to interview lunch (the food is scrumptious)
  7. Come to coffee and cookies at the end of the day
  8. Join the Welcoming Committee
  9. And ASAP, send me pictures for the slide show, which we share to start the day. All pictures are welcome!

No website, PowerPoint, or faculty interview is more compelling than you are. Just be your brilliant, committed, hardworking, creative, generous, funny, compassionate selves. With your help, it’s going to be another spectacular season.

With that, I’m off to rounds. Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone, and please email me pictures for the show!


Submitted by Mark David Siegel on October 13, 2019