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God Morgen Oslo

June 25, 2017

Hello everyone:

How do you choose vacation sites? Heide uses Skyscanner. In early Spring, she plugged in "economy," "Europe," and dates and...før du vet det (before you know it)... we had five $400 round trip tickets to Scandinavia.

It's now 10:45P and dusk is finally settling in the Oslo Embassy District. Our travels began yesterday with a trip to Queens, where we fortified ourselves with burgers, salads, and meatballs at the Bayside Diner, before joining interminable lines at JFK's decrepit British Airways terminal, flying overnight to Heathrow, and hopping up to Oslo this afternoon. Tonight, we strolled through the skulpturmuseum at nearby Vigeland Park and returned to a spread of gravelox, speck, goat cheese, brown bread,and beer (the rewards of marrying and traveling with a chef)

On Monday morning, we're taking an eight hour train ride to Bergen where we'll hike through fjords and fishing villages before driving to Sweden and Denmark. I may check in with you intermittently with pictures, but I'll think of you often as your own adventure gets underway.

On our journey and yours, there will be occasional stumbles and unexpected turns. Please reach out to the Chiefs and APDs for advice and support if issues arise in my absence. I'll check email from time to time but won't address most messages until July 10.

Stay well, work hard, take care of each other, and have fun.

Hjertelig (Warmly),

Submitted by Mark David Siegel on June 25, 2017