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Donut Time

February 11, 2024
by Mark David Siegel

Hi everyone,

We’re on call in the MICU today, so I need to speed off to Whitney donuts so I can fuel my team. But first a brief note on a big topic…

Tomorrow, all Traditional Residents and Core Faculty will get a request to complete the annual ACGME Survey, which asks what’s working well in the residency and what isn’t. You’ll be asked about workload, education, feedback, professionalism, patient safety, supervision, learning climate, wellness, and commitment to DEI.

Please read the questions carefully and answer honestly. Some key points:

  • All our resident schedules are designed to meet ACGME standards- at least one day off per week, averaged over four weeks.
  • Work hours are carefully monitored to ensure residents rarely if ever work more than 80 hours per week, averaged over four weeks. (Thanks for completing those MedHub reports!)
  • We enforce strict patient caps- interns are not asked to provide ongoing care for more than 10 patients or admit more than 7 patients—5 new and 2 transfers—in a 24 hour period.
  • We offer many opportunities to give feedback to the program- the Executive Council, Program Evaluation Committee, Program Director’s Meetings, Chief Resident Pebbles, Qualtrics Surveys, and individual meetings with program leadership. Your feedback has led to:
    • Eliminating 28-hour call
    • More simulation opportunities (thank you, Chiefs!)
    • The 8:30A teaching conference
    • New hospital medicine rotations
    • Intern milestones
    • More fresh admissions
  • As discussed at last Friday’s PD meeting, we’re using your input to improve work balance on EP nights, create new opportunities to learn procedures, and add structure to inpatient teaching conferences.
  • To foster scholarship, we’ve identified research liaisons in each academic section so residents can find mentors and research projects. We provide funding for residents to present their work at professional meetings, and we offer opportunities to pursue Distinctions in Education, Global Health & Equity, Race Bias & Advocacy, Quality Improvement & Leadership, and Investigation.
  • With the help of Drs. Dunne, Grant, and other faculty, we’ve improved the quantity and quality of verbal and written feedback.
  • To promote wellness, we created the MAC program, color block retreats, Arts Night, and the Winter Ball. We partner with GME to provide access to medical care and confidential mental health services. We’ve also created a robust backup system so residents don’t have to find coverage to care for themselves and their families.

Thank you in advance for answering the survey- we need 100% participation and it should take just 15 minutes to complete. But first, please read the attached PowerPoint for background information. If you have questions about the survey, please ask! We’ll review the results with you when they return in the spring.

Now I’m off to buy donuts, before joining the Red Team for rounds.

Take care,


P.S. Voting for the 2025-26 Traditional Chief Candidates ends tonight at 5P.


Submitted by Mark David Siegel on February 11, 2024