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Choosing the Chiefs: 2021-22

January 18, 2020
by Mark David Siegel

Hi Everyone,

It’s time to choose Chief Residents for the 2021-22 academic year. We need eight: five Traditional, one COE, 1 PCC, and one CRQS. All PGY2s are eligible, unless they’re short tracking.

To be the residency we aspire to be—led by the residents for the residents—we need Chiefs like the ones we have now: stellar clinicians, stupendous teachers, trusted confidantes, and effective role models. We need candidates who are honest, smart, compassionate, dependable, perceptive, energetic, organized, creative, upbeat, courageous, and kind. They need to be ready to make hard decisions, settle disputes, and advocate for doing the right thing.*

We have more qualified PGY2s than positions available, so please help by nominating up to five candidates:

Votes aren’t enough. Explain your endorsements. Describe your candidate’s heroic deeds, special contributions, and acts of kindness. With your input we’ll build a list of candidates to interview.

A few more points: First, don’t vote for yourself. Feel free to share your interest with me offline, but votes for yourself don’t count. Second, tell me if you‘re interested in or would like to endorse people for the COE, PCC, or CRQS positions. You can be a candidate for any of these positions simultaneously. Third, if you’re not interested in becoming a Chief, let me know now. Finally, if you believe someone should not be a Chief, for whatever reason, please tell me; your input will be kept confidential.

The Chiefs are pivotal to our residency’s success, and your input is vital. Nominations are due one week from today, January 26, at 5PM. All residents and clinical faculty are eligible to vote.

Yours gratefully,

PS Please feel to contact the current Chiefs, APDs, Dr. Merchant, Dr. Brienza, or me if you have questions about the positions. Job descriptions are available upon request.


Submitted by Mark David Siegel on January 19, 2020