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In Pursuit of Excellence (Bringing Out The Best)

August 20, 2023
by Mark David Siegel

Hi everyone:

Internal medicine is like a team sport or, if you prefer, like collaborative art. Excellent physicians aren’t solitary stars or divas; they bring out the best in others.

Excellent physicians invite input. They’re the attendings and residents who listen to interns. They embrace fresh ideas and suggestions. They welcome disagreement. They make everyone feel valued.

Excellent physicians master the art of feedback. They know that highlighting success is just as important as correcting error. They deliver feedback gracefully, at the right time and place, with ample encouragement to build confidence.

Excellent physicians exude emotional intelligence. They know that outward confidence can conceal self-doubt, physical and emotional struggle, or trouble at home. They create room for joy and space for tears. They think before speaking and listen more than they talk.

Finally, excellent physicians value all team members, knowing that for everyone to flourish, we must create a community of caring colleagues who think well of one another, without exception.

We can’t practice excellent medicine alone. We rely on nurses, therapists, pharmacists, PCAs, BAs, APPs, consultants, attendings, and trainees, all performing at their best. What will you do today for your teammates to bring out their best?

This concludes the “In Pursuit of Excellence” series. Enjoy your Sunday everyone. I’m off to the Farmington Canal for a 20-mile ride before returning home for an afternoon of reading.



Submitted by Mark David Siegel on August 20, 2023