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An Appreciation, Short and Sweet

September 25, 2022
by Mark David Siegel

Hi everyone,

I’m in the MICU this weekend, so today’s note will be short and sweet.

Of the three kinds of feedback—appreciation, coaching, and evaluation—appreciation is the most overlooked. You all work hard- physically, mentally, and emotionally. You pre-round and round, you wade through the EMR, and you talk for hours on the phone. You witness triumph and tragedy; you teach and encourage; and you show up every day, despite doubts and fatigue.

In medicine, we bestow awards for stunning discoveries, luminous contributions, and lifetime achievements- for being “the best.” Awards have their place, but when we focus on huge accomplishments, we risk averting our gaze from essential work that merits attention: the studying and teaching, the procedures, the prepping for clinic, and the time spent at the bedside.

This morning, I wish I could tell each of you how much I value your work. But we’re a large program, so a mass email will do.

We physicians have an unfortunate tendency to take each other for granted. Let’s get past that. Take a moment today to acknowledge hard work. Be specific. Make it sweet. Thank your colleagues for their contributions, both big and small. Show them you appreciate everything they do to make us proud.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Sunday and a sweet Rosh Hashanah—a Happy New Year—to those who celebrate.


Submitted by Mark David Siegel on September 25, 2022