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ACGME Survey Results

May 07, 2023

Hi everyone,

We got our 2023 ACGME Survey results last week. Overall, the news is good. Most of you like our program and would choose us again. In this all-important grade, we beat the national mean.

We get especially high marks in “professionalism” and “faculty teaching and supervision.” Residents feel safe raising concerns, and faculty excel at teaching, creating an environment of inquiry, and providing supervision.

But we’re not perfect. We need to spend more time with patients, improve access to teaching conferences, and place more emphasis on resident autonomy as you move towards graduation. We need to advocate for more resources in clinic, teach more about healthcare costs, increase exposure to rheumatology and neurology, and keep working on wellness.

The ACGME survey provides a broad program overview but not the detail needed to create change. That’s where you come in. We need you to tell us what’s working and what’s not. In the weeks ahead, we’ll study your program evaluations in MedHub and we’ll seek your advice at Executive Council meetings, Program Director’s meetings, and at the annual PEC retreat. Until then, please write to me or drop by my office to share your ideas.

Our residents are especially devoted to giving us honest, constructive feedback, and I like to think it’s because we listen and respond. We deserve to be satisfied with this year’s survey, but our work is unfinished. Please tell me how we can make this great residency even better.

Enjoy your sunny Sunday, everyone. I’m heading out for a bike ride on the Farmington Canal as I prepare my mind, body, and spirit for a week in the MICU (get ready, Red Team).


P.S. Saturday photos

Submitted by Mark David Siegel on May 07, 2023