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A Program Report Card

December 04, 2021
by Mark David Siegel

Hi everyone,

The fellowship match is like a report card, or at least a grade, alongside our board scores (amazing), patient care (unparalleled), research productivity (impressive), teaching (superior), and interpersonal skills (nicer than most). This year again, our residents matched into wonderful fellowships and we’re so proud.

Let's name what went right. First, our residents are motivated and talented to begin with; they’ll thrive if given the chance. Next, we give them tools to flourish: rigorous training, research and leadership opportunities, and mentorship. Across the country, fellowship directors know Yale residents are smart, reliable, and hardworking. They know our residents are poised to become leaders in academic medicine. It happens every year.

Most importantly, programs know our residents are mature, empathic, honest, and kind. No test score, no publication record, and no pedigree can substitute for shortcomings in character. Fellowships seek team players who elevate the needs of patients and colleagues above all else. Programs search for these signs of character in your personal statements, letters, and interviews, and this is where our residents shine.

So today, let’s give ourselves an A+. Congratulations to those who matched and thank you to the many faculty who mentored them. Very soon, I’ll be sharing equally exciting information about residents pursuing hospital medicine, primary care, and additional training positions. The results are streaming in and the final grade will be just as impressive.

Happy Sunday, everyone.


Submitted by Mark David Siegel on December 05, 2021