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135 Days

February 05, 2022
by Mark David Siegel

Hi everyone,

Good morning! Here’s a question:

Q: How many days until summer?

A: 135!

Hot days and beach parties aren’t that far off, even if it happens to be 19 degrees this morning. Summer will bring changes to our lives, and it’s not too soon to prepare. So…

For all you interns: Practice the PGY2 role. Lead workups and treatment plans. Join care coordination meetings and do some discharge summaries. Run a code. Teach the students. Get signed off on IVs and paracenteses. Send your resident to the library.

For you PGY2s: Get thee to the library (as your intern suggested). Prepare teaching conferences. Give your interns space to grow and help them become leaders. Seek feedback on your own leadership style.

For you PGY3s: Become the attending you’re meant to be. Pretend your current attendings are also at the library (while keeping them informed). Discuss floor operations with the Firm Chiefs and PSMs. Ask patients and families for feedback about their hospital experience. Start saying good-bye to your clinic patients. Share your own wisdom with the interns as they prepare for next year.

Summer may seem far off, but it’s really not, so let’s get ready for our new roles. Meanwhile, I’ll be tweaking the rank lists so we have a super group of new interns to join us when warmer days arrive.

Take care,


PS The Chief Survey closes tonight at 5P, so vote before it’s too late!


Submitted by Mark David Siegel on February 06, 2022