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In this section you will find samples that you can use to guide you while making printable content. To download templates for your site please visit our templates page.

Printed Materials

Printed materials produced by the units that make up the School of Medicine should include the school’s wordmark and full-color shield. These identifiers communicate the association of the parts with the whole, linking the departments, programs, centers, and administrative offices with the school and the university.

Placement of the wordmark and shield is flexible; the inside or back cover of a multipage publication are suggested locations. Please visit the Office of the University Printer’s website to see detailed examples of logo usage and placement -- which is also applicable for individual school’s wordmarks.

Questions on placement may be directed to Jennifer Stockwell, graphic designer, Yale School of Medicine, at

While the professional schools at Yale, including Yale School of Medicine, have proudly worked to build distinct branded visual identities, Yale University has overarching guidelines pertaining to the University visual identity as a whole.

  • Our office is happy to provide guidance about acceptable formatting for Envelopes, available exclusively through Yale Printing & Publishing Services.

  • The letterhead for Yale School of Medicine is preprinted with the school’s shield, in its proper colors, in the bottom right corner, available exclusively through Yale Printing & Publishing Services.

  • All Yale business cards are printed on official, white, Yale card stock, which is available exclusively through Yale Printing & Publishing Services.