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SHI Innovation Exchange

The SHI Innovation Exchange is a virtual conversational series to foster a learning community of entrepreneurs in global and planetary health, with focus on the Global South. The series brings together founders from across the Yale network for inspiring conversations with world-class leaders in innovation and offers conversations with investors, successful health startups, and influential stakeholders that provide insight on challenges and lessons learned. The series is cosponsored by the Sustainable Health Initiative and InnovateHealth Yale.

Upcoming Speakers

Leslie Asanga, (YSPH '20)

Getting care delivered, one pill at a time. Kickstart this year's Startup Yale season and join a virtual conversation at 12 P.M. EST, Tuesday, February 7th, with YSPH alum Leslie Asanga, founder and CEO of Pills2Me and Co-Founder of UrPharm, about using technology to increase access to healthcare in vulnerable populations and communities. Learn more about Leslie.

Past Speakers

  • Sunita Maheshwari and Arjun Kalyanpur

  • Kaakpema Yelpaala

  • Paul Rubin and Griffin Barstis

  • Teresa Mbagaya

  • Joe Smyser

  • Amy Lin