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MHS Application Instructions

Applicant Information

Note before starting the application: This application must be completed in one sitting. It cannot be saved and returned to. It is estimated to take less than 15 minutes if all materials are ready to fill in/upload. It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit a complete application packet for review by the MHS Director.

  1. Full name and degrees earned
  2. Social Security Number
    • NOTE: International applicants are responsible to contact and ensure eligibility of their visa status with the Office of International Students and Scholars [OISS] for your application to the Master of Health Science [MHS]
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Local Street Address
  5. Phone number
  6. Permanent email address
  7. Year you expect to complete the MHS
  8. Pathway/concentration in the MHS program:
    • Clinical, Laboratory/Translational, Medical Informatics, Medical Education
  9. Upload your current CV
  10. Primary mentor information:
    • including full professional title, degrees, department, and email
    • Upload primary mentor approval letter or email correspondence.
  11. Information on the MHS Director responsible for the degree in your department/program
    • Including upload of approval letter or email correspondence

MHS Thesis Committee, which includes primary mentor, a second and third member chosen by the applicant with the approval of the faculty member responsible for the degree in your department/program. AT LEAST ONE COMMITTEE MEMBER MUST BE FROM A DEPARTMENT OR SECTION OTHER THAN THAT OF THE PRIMARY MENTOR. This committee will meet 2 - 3 times/year with the applicant and will be responsible for approving the Master's thesis project (See section on additional requirements).

  • Second and third MHS mentor information (including from each, an uploaded approval letter or email correspondence)

Research Project Information

Information on the applicant’s two-year research project. Also, include a copy of the research project using the following outline:

  1. Please indicate how the MHS degree will aid your career goals.
  2. Aims of the research project providing a concise summary of the hypothesis or questions to be examined and the specific aims of the work proposed (1/2 page)
  3. Previous work done on the same or related problems by other investigators and by the applicant’s faculty sponsor (1-2 pages)
  4. Contemplated method of approach to the problem including description of proposed subjects, methods, and procedures. Clear description of the overall design of the study. If appropriate, with consideration of statistical aspects of the approach, the adequacy of controls and numbers of observations is required. Details of any collaborative arrangements are specified. (3 pages)
  5. Experimental problems – describe experimental problems that must be overcome to successfully accomplish the goals of the research project. (1/2 page)
  6. Significance and relevance of the research (1/2 page)
  7. Ethical aspects of the proposed research (1/2 page)
  8. Literature cited
  9. Human Investigation Committee (HIC) approval of protocol
  10. Upload your research project description, including clearly outlined elements of each section described above.
  11. Include your project title
  12. Research project start date (a two-year research project is required)

Listed below are the required courses in the MHS degree program. Additional elective courses are encouraged/determined in collaboration with your MHS committee and the MHS Director in your department/program.

  • IMED 645: Introduction to Biostatistics in Clinical Investigation (dates taken or planned)
  • IMED 625: Principles of Clinical Research (dates taken or planned)
  • Sect Ed501 Responsible Conduct of Research OR IMED 630: Ethical Issues in Biomedical Research (dates taken or planned)

In addition to the above required courses, you must take at least two elective courses as determined by the faculty member responsible for the degree in your department/program.

  • Please list at least two electives you intend to take as well as the dates you plan to take them.

Additional requirements:

It is expected that the applicant will work on the research project throughout the two years they are conducting research in their residency or fellowship.

  1. A full-length original thesis of approximately 50-60 pages in length and reviewed and approved by a three-person thesis committee.
  2. Meet with the thesis committee 2-3 times a year to evaluate if adequate progress is being made and for suggestions for correction if adequate progress is not being made.
  3. Prepare at least one manuscript for publication in a peer reviewed journal.
  4. Present data once per calendar year in a departmental research seminar, participate in a final summary seminar at the conclusion of their two years in the laboratory.
  5. Participate in Departmental Grand Rounds.

TUITION: Please contact Anne Kellett in the Office of Student Research for details regarding tuition. The tuition for the degree is $28,000 of which $8,000 is required to be paid. It is required that each applicant indicate how this $8,000 will be paid at the time of application. The balance ($28K - $8K) will either be a waived fee by the Medical School or can be supported by an NIH training grant from the responsible department.

  • Please enter how tuition will be paid, including the name of an administrator in the department.

AWARDING OF THE MHS DEGREE: This application will be reviewed for acceptance into the MHS program by the MHS Advisory Committee. The MHS Advisory Committee may make further recommendations for the three-person thesis committee with changes or additions. This Committee will review all requirements and recommend awarding of the degree.