Fuad Abujarad PhD, MSc

Associate Research Scientist in Emergency Medicine

Departments & Organizations

DAHRSEmergency Medicine

Research Interests

mHealth, human-computer interaction, Automated Model revision, Fault-Tolerance, Formal Methods, Software Engineering, Distributed Computing, and systems that provide real-time background searches. more...


  • M.Sc., Michigan State University, 2005
  • Ph.D., Michigan State University, 2010

Selected Publications

  • Reviewed Book Chapters: M. Arumugam, A. Jhumka, F. Abujarad, and S. S. Kulkarni. Stabilizing Interference-Free Slot Assignment for Wireless Mesh Networks. In Guide to Wireless Mesh Networks, Springer, Editors: Sudip Misra, Subhas Chandra Misra, and Isaac Woungang, ISBN: 978-1-84800-908-0, 2009. (http://www.springer.com/computer/communications/book/978-1-84800-908-0)
  • Fuad Abujarad, and Sandeep S. Kulkarni. Complexity Issues in Automated Model Revision Without Explicit Legitimate State. International Symposium on Stabilization, Safety, and Security of Distributed Systems (SSS), LNCS 6366, pp. 206-220, September-2010.
  • Jingshu Chen, Fuad Abujarad, Sandeep S. Kulkarni. Effect of Fairness in Model Checking of Self-stabilizing Programs. International Conference On Principles Of Distributed Systems (OPODIS) .p.p. 135-138, December-2010.



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