Activty Goals
Engagement and Administration Formally join one standing YNHH committee, with endorsement of the committee chair.

Sample Target committees:

DVT/PE committee
Lab Formulary Committee
Handoff Committee
RL Solutions Committee
  1. Expose trainees to committee work and interprofessional relationships in a real-world setting
  2. Provide trainees with an opportunity to develop skills related to managing busy clinical work while integrating non-clinical administrative tasks.
  3. Expose trainees to YNHH leaders and broaden their leadership style exposure.
Mentored Project Complete a small faculty-mentored project and summarize progress in the form of a deliverable modeled on a classic 15 minute national meeting oral presentation. This project would involve approximately 80-100 hours of housestaff time, distributed over the PGY 2 and PGY 3 years. For help identifying faculty mentors, contact the distinction leadership.
  1. Project development, execution, and leadership skill development.
  2. Learning effective and efficient oral presentation skills.
  3. Experience the realities of a QI project, including but not limited to the frequent failures associated with real world QI projects.
Didactics There will be a series of leadership development sessions held quarterly. Each participant would be expected to attend 3 of the 4 sessions each year.
  1. Develop leadership skills.