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Resident Roundup: Luke Legakis

September 14, 2020

Meet Luke Legakis, from Stony Brook, New York. He attended Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, and is a PGY-1 in the Traditional Internal Medicine Residency Program.

What led you to pursue a career in medicine?

For me, medicine was the only career I seriously considered. During several loved ones' battles with cancer, I witnessed how critical a meaningful relationship between a physician and a patient can be. I decided to pursue a career in medicine with the goal of fostering this relationship to the best of my abilities. Working with amazing colleagues and patients throughout my medical training has emphatically reinforced this decision.

What are your goals after you complete residency? Where do you see yourself?

I hope to pursue a fellowship in hematology/oncology following an incredible experience in my Internal Medicine Residency training at Yale!

Why did you choose Yale IMed for your residency?

You hear it all the time, but it's true—the people! When I interviewed, the family aspect of Yale was palpable and I couldn't help but feel a desire to be part of the supportive community that the residents have fostered at Yale.

Describe your experience at Yale IMed in 3 words.

Supported, challenged, inspired

What is your fondest memory at Yale thus far?

Ice cream and sunset rounds from the healing garden overlooking New Haven with the night interns!

Who has had the greatest influence on you, and why?

My patients. I am always humbled to learn medicine and about the person I am through working with patients.

If you could say anything to your younger self, what would you say?

"Don't let your studies get in the way of your education." Almost all of my life has been spent in school in some form. While it is important to read all the textbooks and study for the examinations, there is no substitute for what can be learned from living life and from those around you.

What's a fun fact about you?

I am relatively confident that I am the only person ever to personally witness both a perfect game (David Wells) and a 16 seed upset (UMBC v UVA). If you want to see sports history, reach out to me before going to your next game!

What is one piece of advice you'd give someone who is applying for residency?

It all works out! Be honest with yourself about what you want out of the next phases in life and there can be no wrong decisions!

The Department of Internal Medicine at Yale is among the nation's premier departments, bringing together an elite cadre of clinicians, investigators and educators in one of the world's top medical schools. To learn more, visit Internal Medicine.

Submitted by Amy Anderson on September 14, 2020