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Patient Care


Evaluate and manage patients with HIV and other chronic medical problems in an ambulatory and inpatient setting.

A. Evaluate
1. Sexual and substance abuse history/risk factor assessment
2. Comprehensive physical exam
3. Select appropriate diagnostic procedures
4. Interpret HIV testing results
5. Set priorities with patients and families
6. Investigate common symptoms
7. Recognize life-threatening syndromes
8. Know appropriate baseline lab/screening tests

B. Prevent
1. Provide health education and counseling
2. HIV secondary prevention measures - STI screening
3. Prenatal testing/ARVs in pregnancy/breastfeeding

C. Manage
1. Problem list/clinic record
2. Provide ARV
3. Utilize and coordinate consultants
4. Coordinate input and output care
5. Provide competent palliative/end-of-life care
6. Own knowledge base - utilize internet resources for treatment guidelines, self-learning with Cases

D. Procedures
1. HIV testing and counseling
2. Pap smear - cervical and anal
3. Vaginal Wet mount
4. Lumbar puncture

E. Resident as teacher - select, prepare, and teach on HIV preclinic conference topic per year